Can a One Word Verbal Skill
Increase Case Acceptance?

Verbal Skills/Scripts for Profit

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  • Kristin Nickells

    Great post, Dr. O. I think you can blame advertising in the 50's on this one! We Boomers had it drilled (pun intended) into our heads that the ultimate goal was no cavities!
  • Dr.joseph Guros

    What is the cost/investment for you to show us how we can improve? Our once vibrant practice is shrinking by the month as our patients are leaving because of their insurance. Can we even be helped? I am not convinced that we can be helped but I would like to find out what you think after talking with us.
  • Dr.Tom Orent

    Hi Joe, there is no fee (complimentary) for us to perform a practice analysis and have our Senior Practice Analyst speak with you on the phone about your practice. The beginning of your "RoadMap to Success." During your "RoadMap to Success" journey, he will share with you what we find to be the 10 or 12 easiest to access as of yet untapped opportunities in your practice... opportunities SPECIFIC to YOUR practice. Give my team a call at 1-888-880-GEMS (4367) and they'll be happy to schedule the strategy session for you. Better yet, go to to schedule your FREE "RoadMap to Success." (Or, just click on the big yellow and blue SCHEDULE MY FREE CALL button at the top right corner of this blog page)

    warm regards,

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