Let us help you find $100,000.00 You've Been Missing. If EVEN ONE of the following Statements –
is TRUE in YOUR PRACTICE, We Can Help You Achieve at LEAST a $100,000.00 INCREASE in Annual Collections.

  1. Patient NO-SHOWS and last minute CANCELLATIONS are destroying otherwise solid days, and sucking the profits out of our practice.
  2. Our NEW PATIENT FLOW isn't what it used to be – or what it needs to be.
  3. Our HYGIENE SCHEDULE is weak these days.
  4. Patients aren't saying YES as much as they used to.  Now we're hearing  "I can't afford it" or "Just do whatever my INSURANCE will cover."
  5. Team members have NOT RECEIVED a BONUS in over six months.
  6. Patients love our hygienist... but she's producing UNDER $250,000/year.
  7. RECEIVABLES are getting TOO HIGH and OUT TOO FAR.
  8. We're working way TOO HARD for way TOO LITTLE return!
  9. Even when patients DO say "Yes," they get REJECTED for FINANCING!
  10. We refer at LEAST one patient out to a SPECIALIST (endo,perio, or ortho) EVERY WEEK!
Learn how Gems Insiders' Circle Practice Growth Coaching Membership can help your practice with your specific needs and concerns. Speak with your Personal Gems Concierge about our ZERO RISK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Gems Insiders' Circle Practice Growth Membership is always month-to-month, never any long-term contract.

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